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See a Vascular Surgeon in Houston, TX

Why Choose Laser Over
Radiofrequency for Vein Treatment?

Dr. Bardwil has extensive experience with both laser & radiofrequency vein treatments. Results have proven to be better with the laser than with radiofrequency. Laser has fewer complications, is more versatile, and can be used to treat larger diameter veins as well as shorter vein segments.

It also allows for treatment of multiple veins in a single setting. Laser procedures are also more cost effective. It’s a no brainer, LASER IS PREFERRED OVER RADIOFREQUENCY.

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vascular surgeon
What is a
Vascular Surgeon?

A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon understands vein anatomy and physiology, and how it relates to your circulation. Dr. Bardwil will meet with you to perform a comprehensive venous evaluation and will advise you on the best treatment option for your vein problems during your initial visit.

As a vascular surgeon with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Bardwil understands veins and can individualize your treatment to better meet your goals and expectations.

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2nd opinion
2nd Opinion

Did you make an appointment to see a vein specialist, only to find out that he or she isn’t a vascular surgeon, or did you not even see a physician?

Patients have had procedures recommended that shouldn’t be done, and some have even undergone the wrong procedure. Others came because they saw a physician’s assistant – not the doctor. If you would like to be seen by a vascular surgeon, ask about our complimentary second opinion.

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Why Choose Us?

You'll Only See Dr. Bardwil

You will be seen by Dr. Bardwil, unlike some other places where a Physician’s Assistant does the evaluation.

Our Vein Clinic Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facility was designed, built and equipped with the most sophisticated vein equipment, making it Houston’s premier vein treatment center. It is conveniently located in West Houston, also making it easily accessible to patients living in Katy.

For the convenience of patients living in the Woodlands and surrounding North Houston areas, we now also have a Woodlands office.

No One Has More Experience

No individual in the Houston area or perhaps Texas, has more experience in the treatment of veins.

Patient Satisfaction

“Dr. Bardwil is the only vein doctor I trust because he is experienced, polite, and able to give results that last. I came in with pain and hopelessness. My leg looks and feels better. Now there’s no heaviness. I encourage others to help themselves feel better by making an appointment with Dr. Bardwil as soon as possible. You will not regret it.” – Former Patient

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