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Peripheral Artery Disease

Artery vs Vein Disease

Let’s be honest, when you think of artery disease, your mind probably goes straight to heart disease, right? It’s true that heart attacks are the most common artery-related cause of death for Americans every year. But you might wonder, why are we discussing arterial disease in a vein clinic? Well, the reason is simple: arteries and veins are both integral parts of the circulatory system.

It seems silly to expect you to live your life, as it is vein centric. Veins are important, but so is your overall health. Symptoms that you present may be secondary to veins, but they could be secondary to artery disease, or even heart failure. If you go to a vein center, where you see a physician’s assistant trained by a radiologist, the blind leading the blind may evaluate you, and although they will promptly treat your veins, they will likely miss your real problem. That’s why you need to see a vascular surgeon for a second opinion.

Symptoms of Peripheral Artery Disease

The most common symptom, that one that gets, called claudication, is the cramping pain in your calf you may have when walking up the stairs or specific distances. If you have a heavy, numb, weak feeling in the legs, this may require a closer look. We are equipment to perform detailed measurements of your arterial pressures in your legs. This will aid in the diagnosis of degree and location of blockage in your legs.

Causes of Peripheral Artery Disease

The single biggest controllable cause, based on current research is smoking. Other factors that raise the risk significantly are high blood sugar from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The single best way to beat these factors is by changing your lifestyle. Exercise and walking are extremely important, and walking distance will improve with work. Obviously, smoking is non-negotiable. Also, eating from around the edge of the supermarket from the fresh foods and fish, and daily exercise, are the best ways to prevent PAD from forming before it becomes a problem.

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Dr. Michael BardwilWe have seen patients for a second opinion, after they were evaluated at a radiology run vein clinic, and had vein procedures recommended. On more than one occasion, we found that what they misdiagnosed as vein disease was in fact not vein disease, but was actually artery disease! Fortunately, in those cases, we have been able to direct the patients for appropriate care.

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