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What is a Vascular Surgeon?

Treatment of veins is a highly specialized field in medicine. The specialists who treat veins are called vascular surgeons. Vascular surgery is the only specialty recognized by the American Board of Specialties, in which the treatment of venous insufficiency is part of the curriculum.

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Vascular Surgery Is A Highly Specialized Field

Not all vein problems require a procedure. Sometimes veins can be managed by what is referred to as conservative treatment, which involves such methods as wearing support stockings.

If someone is having their veins treated, treatment involves surgical procedures. These surgical procedures are less invasive than the traditional surgical procedures. Vein stripping has been replaced by less invasive procedures such as closing veins with a laser. This new technology has revolutionized the treatment of leg veins.

The procedures are still surgical procedures; therefore, treatment of veins remains a surgical disease. Even with the advances in the understanding of treating veins, not all patients will benefit from this new technology. It takes expert judgment to determine which patients are candidates for procedures, and this judgment comes by completing training in vascular surgery.

How to Become a Vascular Surgeon?

To become a vascular surgeon, one must first complete training in general surgery. Once the surgeon is fully trained in surgical principals and patient care, he can then proceed with further training to specialize in vascular surgery. Surgical training involves patient contact; it is during those years that the surgeon learns the meaning of responsibility and commitment to patients.

Do all medical specialists work with patients?

Although it may seem logical that doctors who undergo training would be in contact with patients, not all medical specialties emphasize patient care. For example, residencies such as pathology and radiology don’t involve actually taking care of patients. These specialists provide valuable services, by assisting the clinical doctor to better manage their patients, by reading X-rays or interpreting lab data, but are not trained in patient care. They don’t understand the concept of physician duty. They also don’t understand that when a patient makes an appointment to see a specialist that they intend to see the specialist. This is why they are likely to turn over evaluation and management of their patients to non-physicians such as physician’s assistants.

Why Would You be Referred to a Vascular Surgeon?

You may be referred to a vascular surgeon if you are experiencing symptoms related to vascular diseases or disorders. This can include conditions like:

How to Choose the Right Vascular Surgeon for You?

When it comes to choosing the right vascular surgeon for your medical conditions, there are several key factors to consider.

  • Firstly, it is important to ensure that the surgeon is board-certified and has the necessary credentials and qualifications in the field of vascular surgery.
  • You should also research their experience and expertise, looking for surgeons who specialize in the specific condition you have.
  • Additionaly, it is crucial to have a good rapport and feel comfortable with your surgeon, so scheduling a consultation to discuss your concerns and ask questions is recommended.
  • Lastly, verify that the surgeon operates in a reputable and well-equipped medical facility.

Why is Dr.Bardwil the Right Vascular Surgeon for You?

It is because of his sense of responsibility developed from his surgical background, that Dr. Bardwil meets with each of his patients each time they come to the office. Dr. Bardwil is also board-certified and one of the leading vascular surgeons in Houston, who has received numerous industry awards as the best vein doctor in Houston multiple times.

It begins with an initial evaluation, continues through any procedure, and at all follow up visits. Dr. Bardwil evaluates the patients and performs the venous duplex ultrasounds himself.

Why You Should See A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon For Vein Treatment in Houston

  • Treatment of veins is a highly specialized field in medicine.
  • Vascular surgery is the only specialty recognized by the American Board of Specialties, in which the treatment of venous insufficiency is part of the curriculum.
  • Vein Treatment involves a surgical procedure and should be performed by a surgeon.
  • Vascular Surgeons are fully trained in surgical principals and patient care.

A Houston Vein Center Committed to Superior Care

Texas Vein and Cosmetic Specialists was founded by and is owned and operated by Dr. Bardwil – a board certified vascular surgeon. He has the proper training and credentials to determine if your symptoms are circulatory in nature, and whether you are an appropriate candidate to have any type of procedures performed in a vein center.

No one in Houston has more individual experience treating veins than Dr. Bardwil. He has over 31 years of experience, founded Houston’s most advanced vein practice, and built Houston’s premier vein treatment facility. He combines extensive experience with the newest technology for evaluation and treatment of vein disease.

Call Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists today to schedule your initial evaluation with Dr. Bardwil. You will see him at every visit, because he understands the importance of commitment and continuity of care.



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