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Bulging Hand Veins

As we get older, several new things begin to happen. One of those things is the hand veins become more prominent. They seem to grow bigger almost overnight and before you know it, you’re hiding your hands in public.

Are Bulging Hand Veins Serious?

The good news is hand veins aren’t typically a sign of a more dangerous or debilitating problem. In fact, most prominent hand veins aren’t actually the result of the veins at all. The veins may appear to have enlarged, but in most cases, what actually happens is that the skin on the hand has settled around the vein, making it look enlarged on the skin, due to the loss of fat, on the back of the hand, which occurs as we age. It’s more common among the elderly, but it can affect anyone. The good thing is that treatment is available and can be performed in an office setting.

Treatment Options for Bulging Hand Veins

There are several options available to treat hand veins in all types of patients. For some, sclerotherapy is a great option. In the hands of a skilled physician, sclerotherapy can shrink large veins. Endovenous Laser Therapy can also be used to diminish the appearance of the veins, by closing them. Sometimes they are treated by removal through small incisions.

One thing to remember is that hand veins are useful if you ever need an IV. If they have been eliminated, it may make it difficult for IV placement, or result in placement of the IV in a less ideal place.

Another treatment that some may use is Radiesse®, which is a gel that is injected into the hand to add volume and reduce the appearance of veins. This is a great option when the veins are still fully functioning, but the skin has wrapped over the vein making it appear swollen. This preserves the veins, but would need to be repeated periodically.

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