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What is A Vein Specialist?

Discover the role of a vein specialist as we delve into their responsibilities and expertise.

How Do We Define A Vein Specialist?

A specialist is defined as a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity – a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

If we apply this definition to requirements of a vein specialist, it becomes clear why the term specialist is in our name. A vein specialist:

  • Is a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field (vascular surgery).
  • Has a commitment to being or becoming the best in the field.
  • Has a high level of technical skill.

There are specific criteria required for a physician to use the term vein specialist. This begins a commitment to being or becoming the best in the field. Specialists choose to limit themselves to a specific area. They can only be considered specialists by being the best or becoming the best in their specialty. If they can’t meet this requirement, they may be considered a competent generalist, or a jack-of-all-trades, but not a specialist.

We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way we shall catch excellence.” This quote by Vince Lombardi captures the spirit of this practice.

Knowledge, technical skills, and judgment are essential for a vein specialist.

Dr.Bardwil – One of Leading Vein Specialists

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The foundation for Dr. Bardwil’s knowledge came from the training he received by completing his general surgery residency and vascular surgery residency. Vascular Surgery is the only recognized specialty board that includes treatment of venous disorders in its mission statement. Dr. Bardwil integrated the treatment of veins into his practice over 31 years ago, after completing his residency training. Completing board certification in both general surgery and vascular surgery, and maintaining his certification by successfully completing multiple recertification examinations, further demonstrated his knowledge.

For the past 16 years, Dr. Bardwil has restricted the focus of his practice to treating venous disease. He attends and is often invited to speak at national meetings regarding current and future aspects of vein treatment.

He performs his own ultrasound exams, is certified as registered vascular ultrasound technologist (RVT), and holds certification as registered physician interpretation of ultrasound (RPVI). These certifications of added qualifications are further examples of his expertise.

Extensive Technical Expertise in Vein Treatments

Another requirement for being a vein specialist is technical skill. Dr. Bardwil’s broad surgical background, extensive surgical experience with years spent performing general and vascular surgery procedures, trauma surgery, and cancer surgery, make him uniquely qualified to handle any technical aspects of the procedures he performs. Specialists in any other field, who attempt to treat veins, cannot match this technical expertise.

Unbiased Judgement Skills

The next and perhaps the most elusive requirement of a specialist is judgment. Judgment entails knowing not only when to perform procedures, but when not to perform procedures. Dr. Bardwil will give you an honest assessment regarding your probability of benefitting from a vein procedure. He will discuss the potential risks and benefits of procedures. If your veins are normal, or he doesn’t believe that you will benefit from the treatment of veins, he won’t recommend a procedure. This is important because many unnecessary vein procedures are performed every day in Houston. If you are not a good candidate for a procedure, he will discuss other options, if they exist.

Poor judgment is evidenced by low success rates and high complication rates. Good judgment is demonstrated by the opposite. Although complications can occur with any procedure, Dr. Bardwil prides himself in a very high success rate. Most of his patients come by way of physician and patient referrals, and he is well recognized nationally and internationally, for his expertise in treating veins.

Constant Innovation

Innovation isn’t a requirement for being a specialist, but it is a requirement for being a leader in your chosen field. Those who take the required steps to become proficient in the field should be commended. It requires hard work and dedication even if one fails to make significant contributions to the specialty. If however, the goal is excellence, then constantly assessing ways to improve is a requirement. Dr. Bardwil has developed instruments for vein procedures, which bear his name, which are used worldwide, by physicians performing vein procedures. He has developed and taught techniques, for treating veins, to physicians who have come from around the country. He has also trained physicians from the United States and internationally in the treatment of veins.

It is because of his commitment to be the best, his knowledge, technical skills, and judgment that are essential, for being a vein specialist, and the innovation required of a leader, that we at Texas Vein and Cosmetic Specialists can say, “Nobody does it better.” 

Furthermore, the numerous industry awards we have received recognize our commitment to patients, constant innovation, and the excellence of our medical practice.

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