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Micro-Phlebectomy Procedure

Micro-phlebectomy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to eliminate varicose veins through small incisions in the patient’s skin. It is often the recommended treatment for medium to large surface varicose veins that cannot be effectively treated with sclerotherapy.

When to Use Micro-Phlebectomy?

During the initial evaluation of the leg veins, a venous duplex ultrasound is performed. It is at this time Dr. Bardwil will determine if the saphenous vein needs to be treated. Usually, varicose veins are a result of the saphenous vein not functioning properly. If this is the case, the saphenous vein is addressed first. After the saphenous vein has been treated, the varicose veins will shrink, and further treatment may not be required. If any residual veins are present following treatment of the saphenous vein, they can be treated with micro-phlebectomy. If during the intial exam it is determined that the saphenous vein is normal, the varicose veins can be treated by going directly to a micro-phlebectomy procedure– leaving the saphenous vein alone.

How Does Micro-Phlebectomy Procedure Works?

Developed in Europe, micro-phlebectomy also known as ambulatory phlebectomy, is an advanced method of eliminating medium to large sized varicose veins. Performed under local anesthesia in the doctor’s office, using special instruments, the veins are gently removed, in small segments, through tiny skin openings about 2-3 mm in size. The incisions are small enough not to require sutures and are closed with butterfly strips. Dr. Bardwil actually developed his own specific instruments to remove the varicose veins. The instruments bear his name, and are used by many physicians around the country, and even overseas.

Follow Up and Aftercare

At the completion of the procedure, a bandage is placed on the leg. There is usually little discomfort afterwards and most patients can return to work and normal activity the same day. The patient usually return to the doctor’s office a day or two after the procedure to have their leg checked, and are advised to wear support stockings for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. The results are quick and cosmetically pleasing.

Why Choose Texas Veins For Micro-Phlebectomy?

Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists is devoted exclusively to the treatment of venous disorders. While many clinics offer one modality, we offer the full range of methods to treat veins, because we are a dedicated vein center of Houston. All evaluations and procedures are performed by Dr. Bardwil – an experienced board certified vascular surgeon – not a physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.

The testimonials from numerous patients serve as evidence that we have successfully achieved our mission by offering the finest treatment options.

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