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No Fee Concierge Vein Care

No Fee Concierge Vein Care

Dr. Bardwil, founder of Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists, introduces no additional fee ‘Concierge’ Vein Care.

What ever happened to personalized care? Does the thought of your doctor, being your doctor, and knowing your specific problems, appeal to you? If it does, you’re not alone. Concierge medicine was born out of this frustration. That’s why many patients have enrolled with a “concierge doctor.” A concierge doctor charges a monthly or annual fee, ranging from $1,200/year to over $10,000/year, for a membership to a club for his private patients. Membership to the club, allows for greater accessibility to see the doctor with same or next day appointments and more individualized care.

What would happen if a doctor offered concierge medicine without the additional fee? Michael Bardwil, M.D. refers to this as “No Fee Concierge Vein Care.”

“This is concierge medical care, but I don’t charge an annual membership fee, or surcharges of any kind. The only fees will be professional fees due for actual services rendered,” he said.

How does concierge vein care differ from the usual vein clinic? First, you will see an M.D., who is also a board-certified vascular surgeon every time you schedule an appointment. This begins with your initial evaluation and each follow up exam, because Dr. Bardwil knows the reason you go to the doctor is that you want to see an actual doctor. You will never see a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. If you need a venous ultrasound exam, Dr. Bardwil will perform the ultrasound exam, and interpret the findings, as he is also a registered vascular technologist, and is certified as a registered physician in vascular interpretation. He also performs the sclerotherapy, to treat spider veins himself, rather than delegating it to nurse, or someone less skilled.

While appointments are scheduled for varying time slots, you will receive the full amount of attention required. If you feel that you need to be seen earlier than a scheduled appointment date, he will see you the same or following day. He has also recently begun to offer virtual telemedicine appointments for added convenience, if that better suits your schedule.

Vein problems tend to be chronic, and Dr. Bardwil is proud of the fact that he has known many of his patients for more than a decade, because he enjoys knowing his patients. He studied and obtained additional board certification in Anti-Aging Medicine, through the American college of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2007, and as an added value to his patients, he will often answer questions and give advice on health, nutrition and potential advantages of dietary supplements.

Beginning with your initial evaluation, you become one of his “concierge vein patients.” When asked why he offers concierge vein care, with no additional fee, he says, “I’m not part of a big conglomerate, this is my practice, and has been for 20 years. I don’t have to answer bean counters, and I believe it is how medicine should be practiced. It’s what my patients deserve, and I felt it was time to formalize it. People pay for health insurance, or to see a doctor, why should they have to see a nurse or physician assistant, or pay extra to see a doctor? While the government and insurance companies don’t make it easy, I enjoy people, and I still enjoy being a doctor.

Like the lyrics from the theme song to Cheers, “Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”

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