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VNUS Closure

Varicose veins are the bulging veins that become more visible when a Leg with varicose veins in Houston, TXperson stands or sits for prolonged periods of time. Treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Examination with Venous Duplex Ultrasound will identify your specific problem or problems to allow for optimal diagnosis and treatment. A recommended one is VNUS closure, a minimally invasive procedure.

There are two systems of veins in the legs, the deep veins and the superficial veins. The saphenous veins and the varicose veins are part of the superficial vein system. As long as the deep veins are intact, the saphenous and varicose veins are expendable.

Larger varicose veins have abnormal valves that fail to keep blood flowing toward the heart. Blood flowing downward instead of upward in the legs causes the vein walls to stretch out until the vein bulges from the skin surface.

The key concept in the treatment of both spider veins and varicose veins is that the source of abnormal flow must be identified and eliminated. Treatment involves removing or destroying the offending veins.

VNUS Closure Replaces Older Vein Removal Techniques

Vein Venefit Houston - VNUS Houstonstripping was a standard treatment for varicose veins for over 60 years. During this procedure, usually done under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes many incisions and literally pulls out the abnormal veins. This, of course, resulted in permanent scarring.

Now however, technology has evolved so that varicose veins can be treated without making any incisions at all. VNUS Closure® is a minimally invasive procedure that is done in the office and requires only local anesthesia.

How Does VNUS Closure Work?

During the procedure a small catheter is passed up the length of the affected vein. The tip of the catheter is heated by radiofrequency energy and, as the catheter is pulled back, the vein shrinks and becomes obliterated by scar tissue. Branches of the vein may also disappear, although sometimes, an additional office treatment with saline injections is needed. Minimal time if any needs to be taken away from work.

Our Houston Vein Doctor Is A VNUS Closure Specialist

Michael Bardwil, M.D., specializes in state-of-the-art diagnosis of vein problems with a treatment emphasis on education, patient awareness and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Bardwil was one of the first Houston area surgeons to use VNUS Closure and laser ablation to treat varicose veins and has extensive experience in spider vein treatment as well.

Although there are many new technologies available, Dr. Bardwil prefers Laser for treatment of veins, because it is more versatile and has better reported results. For patients who insist on the VNUS Closure, this service is also offered.

Why Work With Dr. Bardwil?

Dr. Bardwil is a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, who specializes in the treatment of venous disorders. Having his Specialty Board in Vascular Surgery, coupled with 26 years of experience, allows Dr. Bardwil to know which treatment options are best for you.

Board Certification in the right specialty makes a difference. Your initial consultation is covered by most insurance plans. Insurance coverage for treatment is based on medical necessity.

Call Texas Vein and Cosmetic Specialists today to discover why so many men and women, including prominent Houston physicians and politicians, have come to trust Dr. Bardwil with their vein problems.

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Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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