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top 10 reasons to choose texas vein & cosmetic specialists

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Michael Bardwil, MD, FACS at Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists

1. Dr. Bardwil Is A Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

As a board certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Bardwil has undergone specific training in vascular medicine. Only a board certified vascular surgeon is qualified to adequately evaluate your leg veins, including the circulation in your legs. In addition to evaluating your leg veins, Dr. Bardwil will also evaluate the arteries and lymphatic system in your legs to determine the root cause of your condition and establish the best possible treatment plan.

2. Numerous Certificates & Years of Experience

Dr. Bardwil is board certified in general surgery and vascular surgery and he holds a certification to perform vascular ultrasound studies and procedures as a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT). In addition, Dr. Bardwil holds the Registered Physician Vascular Interpretation certification (RPVI) to interpret venous ultrasound examinations. Dr. Bardwil is also certified in anti-aging medicine and enjoys advising his patients on ways to improve and maintain good health as they age.

3. Our Reputation

Dr. Bardwil is the board certified vascular surgeon that other doctors and nurses trust to have their veins treated. No individual in the Houston area has more experience in the treatment of leg veins. Our name is synonymous with excellent vein care in the greater Houston metropolitan area, with convenient locations in Houston and Katy, Texas. Dr. Bardwil has trained other physicians, both nationally and internationally, in the treatment of venous disorders. The testimonials provided by numerous patients serve as proof of our successful accomplishment of our mission. The numerous industry awards we have received testify to our commitment to patients and excellence in our medical practice.

4. A Pioneer In The Field

Dr. Bardwil is a pioneer, innovator, and teacher. As such, his practice is where other vein practices send their more challenging cases. Dr. Bardwil has developed tools and techniques that have been used by physicians worldwide to treat varicose veins.

5. You Will Be Seen By A Physician and Vein Specialist, Not A Nurse Or Physician’s Assistant at Our Houston and Katy Offices

Unlike other “vein clinics” that have popped up in the greater Houston area over the past few years, at Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists, you will always be evaluated by a board certified vascular surgeon. Dr. Bardwil is never too busy to see you. He knows that you are paying to see a specialist. You will always be seen by Dr. Bardwil, not a nurse or physician assistant.

6. Our Vein Clinic Was Built Specifically For Vein Treatment in Houston

Our entire facility was designed, built and equipped with the most current technology in vein equipment, making Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists Houston’s premier vein treatment center.

7. Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff

Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is experienced in the field of vein medicine with a thorough understanding of each procedure. We pride ourselves on our patient-centered approach, and we will work with your insurance to have your treatment covered whenever possible.

8. Reasonable Pricing And Available Financing Options

If insurance does not cover a procedure, you can be confident in knowing that we offer reasonable and competitive pricing on all of our procedures. Ask about our financing options if your procedure is not covered by insurance, or you have a high deductible.

9. Cosmetic Services Are Also Available

At Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists, we offer minor cosmetic services so that you can look and feel your best. From injectibles to fillers, laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and more, we offer discounted cosmetic services to our patients. We utilize one of the most advanced lasers on the market for photo-facials, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening.

10. Convenient Scheduling

Dr. Bardwil sees patients Monday through Friday and schedules procedures twice monthly on Saturdays for patient convenience. In addition, late appointments are available on Tuesdays at our main location on Forkland Drive off of N. Eldridge Parkway between Memorial Drive and Briar Forest.

For Katy residents, we see patients on Tuesday mornings between 8:30am and 12:00pm on Provincial Blvd., near Kingsland Drive.

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