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What’s a VeinGogh?

You probably heard of a Van Gogh, but what’s a VeinGogh? Behind VeinGogh is the innovative technology that’s transforming the treatment of vascular conditions and unlocking a new era of precision and effectiveness.

How Can We Define VeinGogh?

Put simply, VeinGogh is a simple and fast way to eliminate spider veins, done right at the vein center. At Texas Vein & Cosmetic, we do regularly perform VeinGogh treatments in Houston, TX.

The gold standard treatment for spider veins is sclerotherapy, but not all veins respond well to it. VeinGogh offers patients another choice that is both effective and almost painless. If you have spider veins, learn more about this innovative treatment, so you can make an educated decision about your vein care.

What are Spider Veins?

As you grow older, small webs of blue, purple or red veins appear under the skin. These are spider veins, or telangiectasia. Spider veins are tiny, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. They generally appear on the legs or face. The cause varies, but in the legs, it is often due to venous reflux.

Venous reflux occurs when the valves in veins fail to close completely. The valves work to keep blood from flowing back towards the feet. If one or more valves fail to close, some blood seeps through and the vein becomes engorged. Spider veins show up when the pooling blood overflows, increasing the pressure and causing the smaller veins to distend.

How Does VeinGogh Work?

VeinGogh is a treatment option that uses an electrical burst to close the vein. Vein doctors insert an ultra-thin probe into the problem vein. The burst of electricity irritates the vein wall, causing it to collapse. Once the vein collapses, the body absorbs it and the spider web disappears.

VeinGogh is an effective treatment for spider veins that appear on the face or that are resistant to sclerotherapy. The effect of the VeinGogh treatment is almost immediate.

What is the Recovery Period for VeinGogh Treatments?

VeinGogh is a precision tool used in the Houston area vein clinic, so there is no downtime for the patient. The treatment is completed right in the office and takes less than 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can resume your normal activities. You may have mild redness, but it will fade quickly.

How Many Treatments Does It Take?

Most patients require only one vein treatment, but if the web covers a large area, it can take up to three to eliminate the problem. Once the web disappears, it should not reappear. You may need a follow-up visit if a section does pop back up.

Does VeinGogh Work on Varicose Veins?

The VeinGogh treatment system is designed specifically for small spider veins. It will not treat large vessels buried deep in the tissue. It can be used along with other treatments such as sclerotherapy to create a comprehensive vein care plan.

Do you have unsightly spider veins that make it hard to look in the mirror? VeinGogh might be the answer to getting rid of them for good.

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