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Virtual Consult

Virtual Consult

The French have a term “coup d’oeil.” It refers to an expert’s ability to understand much at a glance. While most medical specialists prefer face-to-face contact, and the ability to physically exam a patient, this isn’t always necessary, and during a pandemic it may not be optimal.

Virtual consultations allow scheduling an appointment with a specialist, to discuss and transmit images to a medical specialist. Vein problems are ideal for virtual consultation, because there are a limited number of ways for vein problems to manifest. By asking a few questions, and viewing images transmitted from your smart phone, smart pad, iphone, or ipad, Dr. Bardwil can usually identify your problem, and determine whether or not additional testing will be necessary. About half the new patients I see, don’t require a diagnostic ultrasound.

What is the advantage of a virtual consult? To begin with, it is safe and convenient, and it is HIPPA compliant, so that your information will be secure. If you are uncertain as to whether your symptoms are vein related, or serious, Dr. Bardwil can often make an easy determination, without additional testing. He can easily determine whether your issues are cosmetic spider veins or actual varicose veins, for which treatment is usually covered by insurance. Varicose veins may require additional testing. If you are considering treatment of either spider or varicose veins, you will have a better understanding of what treatment would entail, and what, if any additional testing would be required, once this pandemic is behind us. Most major insurance companies are waiving out of pocket expenses for virtual consults during the COVID-19 crisis, and if you are without Insurance, these consultations are affordable.

Stay safe, stay home, and stay healthy. If you are home trying to determine how to occupy your day, consider a virtual consultation to better assess your veins. To learn more about how to schedule your virtual consultation, call today 713-461-4945.

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