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Why should I treat my unhealthy veins?

Why should I treat my unhealthy veins?

Venous disease is a serious condition, in which the veins fail to pump enough blood back through the body to the heart. In order to correct it, the reason for the condition must first be discovered.  Thus, treating venous insufficiency in Houston requires a visit to a vein clinic. There, vein doctors can determine what is causing your venous insufficiency determine what is causing your venous insufficiency and the best course of action to treat it.

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Why should I treat my unhealthy veins?

The reason for treating these is that patients often times will have symptoms of achiness, tiredness, pain, pain particularly at nighttime. Once you begin to develop bulging veins, you will oftentimes develop a swelling that goes on with it. And this may then lead to skin discoloration as well as skin thickening due to the long-standing pressure from the veins not emptying properly in your leg. The treatment for veins is elimination. There are two systems of veins in your legs, deep veins and superficial veins. The way that we distinguish them are that deep veins are beneath the muscle and superficial veins are above the muscle. If a vein is a superficial vein, and if the deep system is intact then the superficial vein is expendable and we can safely eliminate that vein without any detrimental side effects.


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