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Standing All Day May Accentuate Your Varicose Veins

Standing All Day May Accentuate Your Varicose Veins

Our vein clinic provides venous ablation for varicose veins in Houston, TX, and we think it is important that people know that standing all day can be tough on your back, knees, feet, and legs, but a job or hobby that requires you to stand for a long time also increases your risk for vein problems or can make existing vein problems worse.

How Does Standing Affect Your Veins?

Standing all day makes it harder for your veins to pump blood from your feet back up your legs to your heart. If you are predisposed to having vein problems, this increases your risk for varicose veins, those unsightly and often times, painful blue or red bulging veins that most frequently develop in the legs. Fortunately, vein treatment can help.

Veins return the blood from your feet and legs back to your heart, to be re-circulated. When you sit, stand, walk, or run, blood must flow uphill. Veins have one-way valves that allow for one direction, uphill flow. Heredity and aging are common reasons for valve malfunction, allowing blood to flow in two directions, thus leading to blood pooling in the veins of the legs and feet. This pooling increases pressure within the vein, causing the vein to bulge and expand. This bulging vein is called a varicose vein, and bulging veins can cause discomfort or pain. Fortunately, there are effective treatments and a board certified vascular surgeon can discuss all of your treatment options and help you to decide the best one for you.

How To Reduce The Effects Of Standing All Day

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If you are like millions of Americans with jobs that require a lot of standing, such as working as a machinist, mechanic, factory worker, bank teller, hairdresser, teacher, cashier, retail or construction worker, standing on your feet all day can cause your legs and feet to hurt and varicose veins to form. Here are several ways to lessen the strain on your legs and reduce your risk for varicose veins.

  • Put your feet up while sitting, when you are able to do so. When you are sitting or standing, the pressure in your leg veins is highest because your feet are gravity dependent
  • Walking helps to maintain strong calf muscles. The calf muscle is the pump that moves the vein blood up the leg
  • Wear graduated compression socks or stockings. With the recommended compression, the pressure in the garment decreases moving up the leg, to promote the flow of blood upward

Make an appointment with a board certified vascular surgeon. Vascular surgeons are the only specialists formally trained to address your vein issues who can evaluate the circulation in your legs and determine whether vein treatment is right for you.

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