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Do You Need Vein Treatment: Get Diagnosed At Your Houston Area Vein Clinic

Do You Need Vein Treatment: Get Diagnosed At Your Houston Area Vein Clinic

Vein disease diagnosis is quick, accurate, and painless when you visit talented and experienced Houston vascular surgeons. Don’t postpone discussing vascular issues with your vein doctors, even when your life gets busy and hectic. Be sure to prioritize your health – it’s easy when the diagnostic procedure is so convenient. If you have purple, bulging veins, tingling in your legs, discomfort, or calf pain, please don’t put off contacting your nearby Houston vein clinic for expert vein treatment.

Where Do I Start? Which Type of Doctor Can Diagnose My Vein Disease?

You can be referred to vein specialists by your internist, primary doctor, family physician, or dermatologist. You can also come directly to our Houston vein treatment clinic. You will find advanced treatments available to treat vein problems including varicose veins. Your Houston vein center offers vascular surgeons with expertise, advanced diagnostic equipment, and vein treatment choices for total, minimally invasive care.

How is Vein Disease Diagnosed?

For a proper diagnosis vein of vascular conditions your vein surgeon must:

  • Pinpoint any circulatory or vascular disease
  • Find the root cause of your vein disease (there may be more than one)
  • Assess the severity and extent of any vascular problem
  • Rule out additional health issues

At the Houston vein clinic, vein specialists and vascular surgeons will:

  • Ask you to describe any pain or other symptoms (although varicose veins may cause no symptoms initially)
  • Examine your veins when you’re standing and sitting
  • Ask your medical history
  • Conduct in-office tests, such as Doppler ultrasound or photoplethysmography, which may be used to look for blood clots and evaluate blood flow

Non-Invasive Tests for Vascular Disease

The latest vein disease diagnostic procedures are painless and non-surgical. This means that no needles, injected dyes, or radiation are necessary. Vein specialists at the Houston vein center will evaluate your circulation using Doppler venous ultrasound and other methods. The ultrasound apparatus emits sound waves and converts them into images on a nearby screen, illustrating blood flow through your legs or through other areas of concern. Using a handheld transducer passed back and forth over the area by the sonographer, your vascular surgeon looks for blockages and/or clots.

In a Doppler segmental pressure study or PVR, a Doppler transducer and blood pressure cuffs help your surgeon observe arterial blood flow in your legs and arms. The transducer identifies your pulse and helps your vein doctor determine the severity and location of peripheral artery disease, if any. Along with venous duplex ultrasound, your doctor may conduct photoplethysmography. This procedure uses skin sensors to record the time needed to refill veins and move blood from your calf veins while your foot is moved, raised, and lowered. Accurate diagnoses and expert treatment for vein problems are only a phone call or website visit away.

Learn more about your vein health by contacting the Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists in Houston. You can call us at 713-461-4945 to schedule your vein screening.

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