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How Does VeinGogh Work To Treat Unwanted Veins?

The VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System – VeinGogh for short – is an effective treatment for spider veins on the face. VeinGogh is known for its quick, painless, and blemish-free treatment and results so, if you’re wondering how to treat your facial spider veins, VeinGogh is the answer you’ve been searching for.

How Does It Work?

VeinGogh’s manner of treatment can be described by its full name. Ohmic thermolysis is the fancy, medical way of describing a method that uses electric currents and heat, and that’s exactly how VeinGogh works.

VeinGogh implements a tiny, insulated probe that is placed below the epidermis in order to target small spider veins, and it can be used on practically any part of the body. VeinGogh is special because it uses small microbursts of electricity (about 4mhz) that are triggered by the vein specialist, and only when the probe is in contact with the veins in question. Because the current is stable (i.e. it doesn’t fluctuate like the current in a laser often does) and direct, there is an extremely limited possibility of any surrounding veins or tissue being damaged in the process.

The electric current provides the heat that causes the blood to coagulate and the venous wall to collapse. This material is very quickly absorbed into the body, so there is little to no visible indication of treatment on the outside layers of a patient’s skin.

When done properly and by a trained specialist, the VeinGogh system will keep the affected veins out of sight forever. However, it is important to note that other veins may develop over time, so a touch-up appointment may be necessary in the future.

Does VeinGogh Only Treat Spider Veins?

If a patient is concerned about spider veins, cherry angiomas, strawberry angiomas, skin tags, spider nevi, or rosacea, then they’re in luck! We can treat all of these venous anomalies, and results can be seen quickly and will improve within a week or two.

Is VeinGogh A Lengthy Procedure?

Due to the precise and targeted nature of VeinGogh, the length of the procedure depends on how extensive the venous issue is. For a small spider vein or two, the procedure can last for as short as a minute to three minutes. For a more extensive issue, for instance one that affects much of the face or legs, the procedure can last around twenty-five minutes.

Is VeinGogh Quick And Painless?

This may come as a surprise, but … yes! Whilst a traditional laser treatment can be a ten on the pain scale, VeinGogh typically only induces a small pinching sensation. Fear not, though, because topical anesthesia is available.

Will The Area of Treatment Carry Any Blemishes?

Typically, no. It is very rare for a patient to experience any blemishing. Because VeinGogh is sub-dermal and very minimally invasive, and because the treated veins are absorbed back into the body, there is an extremely limited opportunity for blemishes to form.

VeinGogh is an effective and pain-free solution available for spider veins on the face. For a patient suffering from the pain or embarrassment of facial spider veins, and angiomas the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System is a great option for those looking to feel confident in their skin, quickly.

Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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