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Are spider veins permanent?

Are spider veins permanent?

It is good practice when seeking any type of medical intervention to choose a well-qualified and reliably experienced medical specialist in that field. If you are looking for treatment of your spider veins it is recommended that you find an experienced vascular surgeon.

It is only natural to want to get rid of spider veins permanently. Like varicose veins, spider veins are a vein condition that is decidedly noticeable beneath the surface of the skin. These damaged veins are most commonly found in the legs although they can also appear on the face as well as on the neck and chest.  Spider veins generally do not get better on their own and do require treatment in order for the patient to experience improvement. 

There are numerous causes for the appearance of spider veins. Heredity can have a huge influence on the likelihood of you developing spider veins. The ageing process in addition to sun exposure may increase the appearance of spider veins on the face. Spider veins can also appear as the result of physical trauma.

Within the range of vein disorders, spider veins are considered the least serious. That said, the condition is not without discomfort. Common symptoms associated with spider veins include itching and sometimes even pain. If not treated, more spider veins may appear which can increase the unsightliness of the condition.

How long does the effect of treating spider veins last?

Spider veins cannot be cured but they can be treated with appropriate medical intervention methods. Even when there is significant improvement following treatment, patients may still require periodic follow-up treatment sessions.

Several treatment options are available to vein specialists when treating spider veins.  A popular treatment method is sclerotherapy.  Yet deciding which treatment option is best for you can only be determined after a comprehensive consultation by an experienced and qualified vein specialist.

Smaller spider veins typically respond more quickly to treatment. Larger spider veins may require a few treatment sessions before satisfactory results are achieved.

Also, certain areas of the body respond better to specific treatment types. An experienced vein doctor will be familiar with these treatment options and can recommend to the patient the options best suited to the patient’s specific situation.

Commonly asked questions about spider veins and their treatment

1. What type of medical specialist is best for the treatment of spider veins?

Spider veins are a type of venous disorder and the field of medicine devoted to treating venous-related conditions is vascular medicine. So for conditions such as spider veins, varicose veins, venous ulcers and bleeding veins, the medical specialists most qualified to treat these vein disorders are vascular surgeons.

Another critical factor to look out for is who is performing the evaluation or treatment procedure. Not all vein treatment centers adhere to the same standard of excellence when it comes to vein treatment.

It is absolutely recommended that the evaluation and treatment be carried out by a certified and experienced vascular surgeon.  However, spider vein treatment at many vein treatment centers is often performed by the physician’s assistant or nurse, not the doctor.

2. What can I expect during the evaluation appointment?

It is always best to choose a vein doctor that is well-respected in the treatment of spider veins. The accepted standard of evaluating vein disorders must include a physical examination as well as an in-depth look at the patient’s medical history.

For a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s venous condition, the vascular surgeon will include a vascular ultrasound as part of the physical examination.

3. What treatment option is most often used to treat spider veins?

Much success has been achieved with sclerotherapy in the treatment of spider veins. Other treatment options may also be used and depend on the complexity of the individual patient’s condition. An experienced vascular surgeon is the best source for recommending the most appropriate treatment option.

Why choose Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists?

To find relief from pain and discomfort from spider veins, schedule a consultation with us at Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists. Our Dr. Michael Bardwil is a board-certified vascular surgeon with over two decades of experience treating spider veins and other vein disorders. At our vein treatment center, Dr. Bardwil will personally assess your condition and provide the treatment, should you need any. You can expect excellent patient care from our staff. Give us a call today to arrange your consultation.

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