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Complimentary Second Opinion

2nd opinion from a vascular surgeon

Why You Should Consider a Complimentary Second Opinion for Vein Treatment in Houston

If you’ve recently been to one of the many vein clinics that have recently popped up around Houston, it is highly likely that you were told you need an ablation of all four saphenous veins, but this diagnosis was likely given without you being seen by a board certified vascular surgeon, and without an ultrasound being performed. We see individuals who have been told they need this kind of treatment, when in fact, after thorough evaluation and ultrasound, they do not.

Does this sound familiar?

An Evaluation from a Qualified Houston Vein Specialist

Before you move forward with treatment, call us for a no-obligation, complimentary second opinion. You will be seen by Dr. Michael Bardwil himself, a board certified vascular surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. We have hundreds of patients who are grateful to have found our practice and been given a second opinion by a board certified vascular surgeon that recognized that “over treatment” simply was not necessary.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Most of our patients come by way of physician referral, or from family or friends. Sometimes they come for a second opinion because what they were told by another “vein clinic” just didn’t feel right.

Reasons for wanting a second opinion vary. Sometimes individuals aren’t comfortable proceeding with the recommended treatment. Other times they do not want treatment at a specific vein center because they never saw a physician, but saw a physician’s assistant instead. Individuals are often given a treatment plan that includes unnecessary, or sometimes even wrong procedures.

Do not feel like you must proceed with recommended treatment from someone that is not a board certified vascular surgeon. Get a second opinion before you do anything. 
During your consultation with Dr. Bardwil, he will review your records and examine you. In addition, he will provide you with his opinion about the proposed treatment plan you were given elsewhere. He will evaluate your medical records, images, ultrasound reports, and treatment plan, and will let you know if he agrees or not, and what he might recommend differently. Being board certified in both general surgery and vascular surgery, Dr. Bardwil is highly respected in the field of vascular medicine throughout the greater Houston area and Katy.
Patients who received a complimentary second opinion vein consultation from Texas Vein & Cosmetic Specialists

The before picture of the above patient was after they had been treated by an interventional radiologist, who mistakenly treated the wrong vein. The after picture is the result of the correct vein being treated by Dr. Bardwil, a board certified vascular surgeon. It’s important to recognize there is a significant difference in qualifications when selecting a doctor to treat your veins.

Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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Eliminate your varicose veins or spider veins with treatment from a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon in Houston, Texas.
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